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5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Property

You will encounter a point in your life where you have to seek to live on your own. Learning how to stand by yourself and not rely on your parents are almost rites of passages for every adult. If you want the transition to go smoothly, you will have to make preparations. Saving up enough

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What to Look for When Buying Pre-Owned Property

A lot of great homes on the market are not necessarily brand new and built specifically for buyers looking. In 2019, over 5 million existing homes were sold to new homeowners, showing a steep increase in the market compared to a decade ago. Of course, even though there are agents who can help with the


Buying a Pre-selling Condo: Shaking Off the First-Time Jitters

Condominiums are becoming more and more popular among finance-savvy Filipinos, especially professionals and starting families. Condo ownership allows a certain kind of living flexibility that traditional house and property types couldn’t, not to mention the relatively lower purchase and maintenance costs. Pre-selling condos, in particular, are an attractive option for those who want to get

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A Newbie’s Guide to Selling a Home

There are plenty of reasons people decide to put their homes on sale. Whatever the reason, everyone can agree that it’s definitely not an easy process to do. This is especially true for first-time homeowners. However, you don’t have to worry. There are comprehensive sellers’ guides to real estate that you can find online, these days. These

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When Is the Best Time to Sell a Property?

Whatever the reason may be, there will come a time when you may think about selling your house. For some people, this may be very difficult. For others, they may take this as an opportunity to earn money. Regardless of your situation, you still need to consider a few factors before putting your home on

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