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Achieving a Stress-Free Retired Life in Your Golden Years

Retirement refers to a time of an individual’s life where he/she leaves the active working life. Planning for it properly is important, as it helps you preserve a comfortable standard of living and keep your financial independence. When planning for this stage of your life, keep the following suggestions in mind. Determine Your Preferred Retirement

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Life After Divorce: What Happens Now?

When a person proposes to their significant other, both parties wish to remain together for the rest of their lives. It’s a lifelong commitment, one that takes effort from both sides in order to keep flourishing. Nobody enters a marriage, or a romantic relationship for that matter, expecting it to fail. However, it does fail

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Expired Property Listing? Consider These Before Relisting

The U.S. housing market health spells bad news for sellers. Buyers have gotten cautious and are in no rush to make their purchase. This means properties might sit longer on the market. Also, slow buying activities mean sellers can’t price too high. Otherwise, they’ll be turning away home shoppers. The slow real estate market means there’s

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Fresh Starts, New Beginnings: Moving to a New Home

Human beings are creatures of habit. This is why many of us dislike change and associate it with the inconvenience. Indeed, undergoing changes and facing circumstances that seem foreign to us can be scary and daunting. When we encounter situations we’re not used to, it’s a common response to put up our defenses. In fact,

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How Much Should You Spend to Buy a House in London?

Those who plan to buy a house in London should expect to save £6,625 on the average price, as prices declined due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Despite the cautious approach by some buyers, the increase in buy-to-let purchases still reflected the growing interest to invest in London properties. Landlords want to capitalize on

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Interior Design Trends for 2019

With a new year come new things. January 1st is always an opportunity to review, reboot, overhaul, leave behind what was bad and embrace what is good. Perhaps 2019 is when you’ll change jobs, move house to reduce your commute or focus more on the family. New estates, like Westbrook in Melbourne’s West, are popping

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