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Post-Parenting: Finding New Adventures as Empty Nesters

Parenting is arguably the most demanding job on earth. For those who choose to bear offsprings, the task entails huge demands, mentally, socially, physically, and even spiritually. And as difficult as it may seem when we first become parents, we grow into the role, building new skills and developing new routines to make things work

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The Different Types of Meet-Cutes

Love stories begin with the meet-cute. Before they browse house and lot packages and move in together, the two people have to meet. When they meet, it is not exactly fireworks and heart-eyes. This is applied to romance movies, as well. When the couple meets each other, they have to react to each other, and

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Self-Sufficiency: How to Gain (and Regain) Independence

Everyone needs friends, family and romantic partners in their life, but it is also important to be self-sufficient. At first glance, self-sufficiency or independence may seem at odds with attachments or relationships. On the contrary, self-reliance does not mean pushing everyone else aside and listening only to yourself. It means you can stand up for

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Living the Dream in Monaco

Looking for a new place to settle and enjoy life? What if we told you that you can live your dreams in the luxurious principality of Monaco? If you imagine yourself living in the picturesque French Riviera that’s overlooking the Mediterranean, then this is the place to be for you. Living in Monaco is possible

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The Essential Elements That Make a Good Home

So, you are now ready to buy your first family house, a house of your own. It is pretty ideal that you have a budget, but it could be difficult to locate the best property meant for you if you are not clear what defines a good home for you. In this case, to each his own,

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How to Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome

If you have a child who’s leaving the family home for college or marriage, you might find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of sadness or grief. These feelings are normal and you could be experiencing what psychologists call empty nest syndrome. Aside from loneliness, empty nest syndrome also manifests in other symptoms such as loss

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Life as a University Student: A Guide to Finding Your College Apartment

College is a great time to break free from high school drama, rediscover yourself, meet new people, and of course, learn new things. It is supposed to be the best time of your life. But what if it isn’t? University students eventually start feeling stressed because of academic pressures, financial situations, social interaction, roommate drama, and homesickness.

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